UBIVELOX presents payment technology to enhance and aim Life Innovation for all.

Secure Payment Solution

UBIVELOX Trusted Management Solution

Ubivelox provides solutions for a variety of specialized markets and applications.
Designed for convergence business, vertical industry, suitable for mobile operator, education, fin-tech service provider, and secure element provider.

UBIVELOX Management System

  • Smart Card Management System (USCMS)

    Approved by global customers and leading banks, USCMS is advanced smartcard management system allows to surveillance and monitor
    the entire lifecycle of smartcard from issuance to the disposal.


    USCMS Features

    Compliance International &
    Domestic Standards

    Central Issuance´s
    Multi Protocol Support

    Convenient Interface

    Compatibility /

    MSD Issuance Support

    Robust Security

    Customized Services Support

  • Personalization Management System (UPMS)

    UPMS is a data preparation process solution for personalization which generates IC card issuing scripts & manages the keys for central mass issuance.


    UPMS Features

    Compatible Application List

    JAVA & MULTOS, MASTER & VISA Application and
    other global EMV compliances.

    Standard Compliance

    PKCS#11 compliant Key Management System.

    Technically independent

    Technically independent on developing Issuance provider with
    Data Card SCPM SDK (open program), the development of issuance
    DLL is NOT technically dependent on a certain solution provider.

    Compatibility & Scalability

    Profile management based on Global Platform supports
    compatibility & scalability to Instance Issuance System & SCMS.

  • Personalization Authentication System (UPAS)

    UPAS is designed for customers in need of compact level of personalization which generates IC card issuing scripts.


    UPAS Features

    Profile & Product Management

    Select and combine profile of platform, card, application, key
    in the PAS system to form various types of card product
    for personalization.

    Key Management

    PAS operates with strong security device represented as HSM
    (Hardware Security Module) to manage whole keys needed for
    issuance and authentication of smart card.

    Perso Data Management

    PAS is equipped with standard personalization/authentication
    function to deliver inputted product information
    and generated Perso.
    Data for IC Card issuance and whole process will be finished fast
    at once through issuance request.

  • Trusted Service Manager (UTSM)

    UTSM ensures end-to-end security encryption between service providers and secure elements(UICC/USIM/eSE) and cell phones.


    UTSM Features


    • ComPlicated alliance process among various service providers for providing service.
    • High investment and management cost due to the duplicated system built to match the environment of each service provider for providing an alliance service, etc.
    • Causing confusion and inconvenience to customers because of the inconsistency of service policy.


    • A trustworthy third party who is empowered to provide the service is providing technical capability.
    • Minimize the opportunity cost by building consistent solution for combining the environment of each service provider and reducing the duplicated investment.
    • Increasing customer convenience by service channel unification.
  • Over-the-Air (OTA)

    OTA service provides Mobile Credit Card issuance and Mobile Payment Service that users can easily use any devices.


    Over-the-Air (OTA) Features

    Support various USIM and EMV Applet versions.

    Apply OTA Issuance Standard Process (VISA & MASTER & USIM Gift Card & USIM Voucher)

    Enhance mobile security environmental based on RSA public key

  • Token Service Provide (TSP)

    TSP allows issuing relevant personal information(Credit Card, Account No., Resident Registration, Name) and returning matched information when requested authentication via issued Token.


    TSP Function Flow