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Today’s widespread adoption of internet of things (IoT) technologies is resulting in a smarter, more connected world.
As the number of connected devices grow, identifying each device becomes increasingly important, and complex.
Device identification is done on the connectivity or application level. SIM, and the evolution to embedded SIM's (eSIMs),
provide good protection of the device connectivity identity.

To enable a trusted end-to-end IoT service, all devices that get connected must be secured.

  • UONE-A
    l HOME IoT - For Consumer Electronics Security

    There are over 7 billion IoT devices globally, and they present a tempting target
    for cybercriminals.

  • UONE-K
    l SMART GRID - For Industrial-Level Security

    The demand for Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) is growing worldwide,
    yet it must address critical issues sooner rather than
    later for the industry to reach its potential.

  • UONE-Q
    l AUTOMOTIVE - For Secure Wireless Charging

    The Wireless Power Consortium(WPC) has introduced the authentication requirements
    between power transmitter and power receiver for the secure power transmission
    since its v1.3 specification.