UBIVELOX presents payment technology to enhance and aim Life Innovation for all.

Secure Banking Solution

The New Standard of Banking and Financial Solutions
Building and Integrating with Your Payment Business

UBIVELOX's innovative banking solutions are based on 20 years of experience.
Based on these capabilities, we realize to satisfy and enhance the customer experience.

Our multi-functional card solutions (UCARDTM, EMV Compliant COS) support the global and regional payment scheme.
UBIVELOX solutions are designed to be the new standard of international banking and financial solution provider.

We link all supply form-factors, standard payment interface technologies, and special cards,
not limited to a wide range of solutions, products, and services.
Ready to support and build customer brand and integrate with existing financial services

  • Products / Solutions

    • Smart Card Module
    • Finished Cards
  • Payment Interfaces

    • Contact
    • Contactless
    • Dual-Interface
  • Special Material

    • Full/Half Metal
    • Eco friendly recycled
    • Biometric