UBIVELOX presents payment technology to enhance and aim Life Innovation for all.

Business Area

We provide a broad range of solutions
in the most critical sectors.

  • Combining a unique diversity of expertise,
    talents, and cultures, our technical
    architects design and deliver
    extraordinary high technology solutions.

    Solutions that make tomorrow possible,

  • Banking & Payment

    The new standard of Banking and
    Financial Solutions.
    UBIVELOX provides solutions, products,
    and services you need to build
    and integrated in your business.

  • Embedded Technology

    UBIVELOX’s secure and trusted element for
    home and industrial level security
    IoT Solution suitable for various environment.
    Our solution will make your home compute
    experience more comfortable and
    convenient ever.

  • Smart Card Management & ID

    Our digital solution is required to create
    frictionless experiences and
    protect the data behind them
    by ensuring the right user accesses
    the right resources.

  • Manufacturing

    UBIVELOX smart card manufacturing facility uses
    the most technically advanced production
    equipment available today
    for smart card production and personalization.
    The highly experienced and outstanding design
    we provide to customers in various fields is
    perfectly met their demands.

  • MyData Service 'U planner'

    PFM(Personal Finance Management) service