UBIVELOX presents payment technology to enhance and aim Life Innovation for all.

SMART ID Solution

Digital transformation design to achieve faster and better user experience.

The ways in which people access information in the digital age is undergoing tremendous change.
Our innovative solution is to accelerate the overall digital transformation of the library and achieve management and service in diverse platforms.

Digital Library Solution

With the various library systems that only we can provide, smart and handy library become reality.
A systems that allows borrowing/returning books and entering gate by simply touching and carrying smartphone.

  • Optimize Library Solution based on Mobile & IoT
  • Provide digital information notification
  • Support Multi-lingual and voice recognition


  • RFID System
  • Loss Prevention System
  • Smart Library
  • Mobile Express Pass
  • GATE System

Mobile Library Seat Allocation

  • Reading Room Booking System (Seat No., Check-in/out)
  • Reading Room Floorplan (Seat plan)
  • Remaining seat/Waiting List / Waiting Order

Smart Library Messenger (Chat-bot) Service

Anywhere, Everywhere. With Ubivelox smart lecture solution can provide better class environment.
Without having facility investment, we support solutions via small-sized equipment and IoT-based sensor, and mobile.

  • Book Loan without librarian confirmation
  • Prohibited unauthorized release using security code in Secure Tag