UBIVELOX presents payment technology to enhance and aim Life Innovation for all.

SMART ID Solution

Multi-Purposed Solution connected to better campus life to all

UBIVELOX Smart Campus Solution is multi purposed solution that links facilities and operations with students, staff and faculty.
Our function provides accurate attendance records, store lecture and class information, incur campus transaction and determine access to various facilities.
Not only within the campus but to public areas.

ID Card Solution

UBIVELOX’s proven integrated ID management system used to maximize usability throughout campus infrastructure and system.

  • Integrated ID Authentication
  • Implementing Management System
  • Reliable Integration to old and new systems
  • Various function to Mobile Student Card
  • Security and System Verification

Electronic Attendance Solution

BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) based solution can verify attendance without touching ID card to the reader.
Having no technical changes everyone can easily access to academic grade and possible to interlock within the campus system.

  • Provide various attendance-related function (Mobile, RFID, Push Authentication)
  • Support wide range of lecture programs
  • Message Box (Notice, Attendance Notification, Class Cancellation and supplementary, Objection)


  • BLE BEACON E-Attendance System
  • Reserved Seat Tracking System

Classroom Solution

Anywhere, Everywhere. With Ubivelox smart lecture solution can provide better class environment.
Without having facility investment, we support solutions via small-sized equipment and IoT-based sensor, and mobile.

  • Highly experienced in building numerous lecture systems
  • Provide sustainable operation/maintenance
  • Verified products with reflecting the latest trends


  • Lecture auto-recording system
  • E-desk system
  • E-blackboard

Payment Solution

Having our multi-purpose e-payment solution can easily use from campus facility to outside stores.
We build a campus payment environment that connects on/offline from smart ID cards to mobile.

  • Support payment via multi-channel(NFC, QR)
  • Use on/offline store linked with POS and existing ERP support


  • Mobile Easy Payment Module
  • Smart Order System
  • Voucher and e-ticket issuance system

Other Solutions

Safety Environment Solutions

  • It guarantees real-time safety conditions and provides monitoring and remoting functions.
  • In responding to an emergency circumstance, we use the administrator’s mobile device.


  • Fire detection System
  • Care Call System
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Safety Environment Solutions

  • For the quality of campus life, our solution provides various services and systems to support students' richer and valuable experiences.


  • Bus ticket inquiry
  • In-Outdoor Navigation
  • Congestion (or Complexity) System
  • Unmanned delivery and locker

Mobile-Oriented Solution

  • Ubivelox holds the latest systems and services with the new technology that integrates previously independent and separate systems.
  • By providing personal protection services using biometric data, people can enjoy campus service without inconvenience.


  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Fast Identification Online (FIDO)
  • Building various App & Web

Media Campaign Solution

  • A Media Campaign Solution that utilizes the most effective and informative on/offline channel to communicate more closely to campus members.


  • DID PR Video
  • LED Display
  • Mobile Push