Eidetic Marketing selected as the official marketing partner of




Eidetic Marketing announced their new partnership with industry leading smartcard company UBIVELOX for their presence at the 2015 CARTES show in Paris and expressed their plans to showcase impactful marketing on the global stage.

2015 will be the 30th year of the world’s largest exhibition of smartcard and securities technologies running for three days from 11/17 to 11/19 at the Nor Villepinte Exhibition Centre in Paris, France.

Companies from over 163 countries will be exhibiting at CARTES 2015, making it the best place to experience the latest trends and innovations in the digital securities industry. Staying consistent with prior years, UBIVELOX will have a large presence at the show, launching their inaugural partnership with Eidetic Marketing under a globally geared marketing campaign titled “It’s U.”

The key for designing the UBIVELOX booth, according to the US HQ design team, was to “harmonize the architectural atmosphere with the UBIVELOX brand.” Although it will be a booth inside a busy convention, the plan is to create a relaxed yet showroom-like space for attendees to enjoy a quick breather while experiencing UBIVELOX’s state-of-the-art product categories in banking, and security card solutions through unique, eye-catching displays.

Eidetic Marketing’s CEO Ashley S. Jung stated, “UBIVELOX has effectively positioned themselves as a recognizable brand through their consistent participation in CARTES. This year will be an important phase to solidify UBIVELOX’s brand value in the industry. Instead of just showcasing the various product and service categories, we need to express the company’s foundational philosophy that UBIVELOX is a brand that enhances everyone’s lifestyle.

UBIVELOX’s partnership with Eidetic Marketing will place the company in optimal position to expand their business network, create strategic alliances with global partners, tap into new revenue streams, and claim their spot as a leading brand in the smartcard market.