Dual-Interface Card

  • Interface

  • OS

  • Memory

  • Authentication

Contactless Card

A dual interface card is a microprocessor card which also has a contactless interface. It is a single chip consisting of both interfaces. These products are typically used in banking, transport markets, ID, Government and other areas that need larger memory than a standard contactless card, higher security and multiple interfaces.

Hybrid Card

A hybrid card has two chips, one with a contact interface and one with a contactless interface. The two chips are not interconnected. A dual-interface card has a single chip with both contact and contactless interfaces.


Contactless smart cards are used in many applications, including public transport, access control, cashless vending, parking, loyalty, credit/debit cards, gambling, road toll, secure ID, electronic passports, driving licences and GSM subscriber identity modules.



The Ucard30 is a product line based on Java and MULTOS platforms that supports all types of dual interfaces. These smart cards come with high security levels and various memory sizes. All of our products are optimized to meet our customer needs.

  • Open Java Card platform / MULTOS platform
  • 8~80 KB memory
  • VSDC and M/Chip in one chip
  • Supports Contactless payment / PayPass, PayWave, VTPS, Expresspay, J/SPEEDY,
  • PBOC Extension,ED/EP, DPAS ZIP, etc.
  • Supports various functions on one card / banking, transportation, ID/government, etc.
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Ucard 40 provides secure and convenient services such as secure element products within the mobile environment. It can be manufactured with a handset combined with a controller (NFC/Wifi Controller) respecting any market requirements. This various services can be implemented such as mobile payment, transportation, ID and membership.

  • Mobile Payments – Fully compliant mobile VISA, Mastercard applications
  • Supports eCommerce wallet, membership, banking and transportation
  • Supports synchronized working between contact and single wired protocol SWP interface
  • Supports diverse applets with a quick processing speed
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UBIVELOX provides various kinds of USIM card to MNOs, MVNOs and Handsets/Devices ODMs, OEMs. We offer highly secured USIMs with the finest performance based on UICC platform technologies that we developed.

  • Network – 4G(LTE, WiMAX), 3G(W-CDMA), 2G(GSM)
  • M2M/IoT – Consumer Electronics, Industrial Utilities and Automotives
  • Mobile Security – Mobile IDs, OTPs
  • Mobile Payments – Fully compliant mobile VISA, Mastercard and other credit card applications
  • Supports eCommerce wallet, banking and transportation
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Based on proprietary operating system, UcardN not only is the essential base for payment card EMV products, but is also offers a variety of possibilities to support many other applications and functionalities, such as Smart ID card, PKI, transportation card and loyalty functionality.

  • Chip card with small EEPROM (2-4kb) without RSA coprocessor meets the minimum requirements of EMV
  • Cost effective
  • Fast execution time
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