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Memory cards are popular high-security alternatives to magstripe cards in markets such as loyalty, school meals, laundry, car-parking, closed e-purse schemes and cashless vending.One key reason for the growth of memory cards is the fact they cost significantly less than micro-processor based cards. When the number of deployed cards is large, the cost savings can be significant. Please find below a variety of brands comprising the main types, ranging from memory cards with no security to those with protected memory or the later generation crypto-memory cards.



The Ucard 10 is our low-cost and low-profile product line. It is composed of SDA and DDA cards which are based on Static Java and MULTOS(Step/One) platforms.

  • Low profile / Cost effective
  • Closed Java Card platform/ MULTOS(Step/One) platform
  • 4~18 KB memory
  • VSDC and M/Chip in one chip
  • Supports SDA & DDA
  • Supports diverse financial applets used around the world
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The Ucard 20 is a product line composed of DDA cards based on Java and MULTOS platforms.

  • Open Java Card platform / MULTOS platform
  • 18~80 KB memory
  • VSDC and M/Chip in one chip
  • EEPROM chip come in various sizes
  • DDA supported
  • Supports various functions on one card / banking, transportation, ID/government, etc.
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