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UTSM is defined as an integrated service platform for providing consistent and trustworthy platform to various service providers and secure element providers on creating the service model based on the convergence between different service providers in mobile environment and managing customer’s life cycle.

UTSM (UBIVELOX Trusted Service Manager)

UTSM creates a service model based on the convergence between different services providers in the mobile ecosystem and manages customer’s lifecycle. UTSM process ensures end-to-end security encryption between service providers and secure elements(UICC/USIM) and cell phones.

UTSM carry forward businesses with service alliance and system integration among service providers for providing smartcard business.


Smart Card Ecosystem

  • ComPlicated alliance process among various service providers for providing service.
  • High investment and management cost due to the duplicated system built to match the environment of each service provider for providing an alliance service, etc.
  • Causing confusion and inconvenience to customers because of the inconsistency of service policy.

A link is needed to provide a consistent and trustworthy service from the alliance of various mobile service players. (Network Operators, Financial Companies, SE owner and other service providers.)

  • A service platform for issuing various business service and life cycle management is needed
  • There's a business opportunity in the market by combining SE (eSE, UICC, Secure Memory Card) with NFC technology for mobile payment, transportation payment, ticketing, loyalty program and other new applicaiton for business service.

Mobile Smart Service Ecosystem

  • A trustworthy third party who is empowered to provide the service is providing technical capability.
  • Minimize the opportunity cost by building consistent solution for combining the environment of each service provider and reducing the duplicated investment.
  • Increasing customer convenience by service channel unification.