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Pre-Paid Electronic Cash Card Service is the package of electronic payment based on smartcard system. It supports top-up & purchase transaction in of ine through enhanced secure features. The prepaid market continues to be one of the stron gest growth engines in the retail, transportation, communications and entertainment industry.

Pre-Paid Electronic Cash Card Service

UBIVELOX provides a Pre-Paid Solution called ePurse Solution that is capable to integrate the customer’s legacy and to create profit generating opportunities with no license or usage free expert for the set up cost. This solution is adaptable to any given business field. UBIVELOX also provides the IC card, the card application and Dongle SDK that are required for overall prepaid solution setup improving the transaction environment of customers.

ePurse System

ePures Solution is a prepaid electronic cash card solution.

Offline Transaction

  • Purchase / Void
  • Top-up / Void
  • Accumulated Top-up Amount
  • Blance lnquiry
  • Inquiry on the last 5 transactions

Online Transaction

  • Deffered Top- up
  • Refund
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