Personalisation System

  • Interface

  • OS

  • Memory

  • Authentication


High security identification cards and documents are personalized in the issuing country.
UBIVELOX is highly experienced in processing large amounts of sensitive data in the development of
high security cards and offers extensive personalization services.


UBIVELOX Smart Card Management System

SCMS is the most optimized solution to quickly and flexibly cope with market changes and adapt itself tovarious customer needs. The system is based on UBIVELOX’s cutting-edge smartcard technology and its abundant experiences in multiple smart card service fields such as finance, telecommunication, ID/Government, transportation and education. Users can manage the entire life cycle of the smartcard in a consolidated way from the issuance stage to the disposal of the card.


  • Meeting International & Domestic Standards
  • Central Issuance’s Multi Protocol Support
  • Convenient Interface
  • Compatibility / Expandability
  • MSD Issuance Support
  • Robust Security
  • Customized Services Support


UBIVELOX Personalisation Management System

PMS is a data preparation process software, which generates IC card issuing scripts & manages the keys for centralmass issuance. PMS enables an IC card issuer to easily design new cards. If a product planner imagines new product-creations, in just a few clicks the chosen IC card application becomes the new card product for your customer.


  • Module Architecture
    MULTOS & VGP Platform Modules, M/Chip & VSDC Application Modules And Other Modules.
  • Standard Compliance
    PKCS#11 compliant Key Management System.
  • Technically independent on developing Issuance provider With DataCard SCPM SDK (open program), the development of Issuance DLL is NOT technically dependent on a certain solution provider.
  • Compatibility & Scalability
    Profile management based on Global Platform supports compatibility & scalability to Instance Issuance System & SCMS.


UBIVELOX Personalisation Authentication System

PAS(Personalisation Authentication System) is a small issuance system allowing users to generate and personalize products desired by user’s need. Providing general card issuance process such as host data input, perso data generation, etc. Leading to have the capability to respond to various customer characteristics & rapid changing smart card technology. PAS can provide issuance environment suitable for the user on request to have fast and accurate chip personalisation, magnetic stripe encoding, print, embossing, indent.


  • Profile & Product Management
    Select and combine profile of platform, card, application, key in the PAS system to form various types of card product for personalisation.
  • Key Management
    PAS operates with strong security device represented as HSM (Hardware Security Module) to manage whole keys needed for issuance and authentication of smart card.
  • Perso Data Management
    PAS is equipped with standard personalization/authentication function to deliver inputted product information and generated Perso. Data for IC Card issuance and whole process will be finished fast at once through issuance request
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