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Smart Card Payment System for Transportation

UBIVELOX’s Smart Card Payment Solution helps transport operators to realize higher efficiency, profitability, and convenience with custom er satisfaction by delivering passenger-oriented new unified fare payment technology.UBIVELOX provides a range of smart card related solutions and application services to ensure success in the future of public transit. In addition, UBIVELOX provides value-added business intelligence consulting services and solutions leveraging industry expertise, insights and analytics of collected data.

Implementation of International Standards

UBIVELOX professionally develop and supply e-Cash cards for both T-money and HI pass.
They are transportation cards for bus, subways and also a quick and secure way to pay highway tolls.


The HI-pass system allows drivers to pay highway tolls without having to stop and hand over cash.
Hi-pass requires both an Onboard Unit (OBU) and a Hi-pass card.
Hi-pass card supports large information storage using flash memory and has the capacity of providing a variety of services.

T money

The T-money card is a rechargeable smart card that can be used to pay public transit fares in a number of cities in Korea It can be used on the bus and metro systems, in taxis and for purchases in designated locations. Users can also build mileage points that can be used to pay fares later on T-money provides unique functions by being combined with other kinds of smart cards such banking or USIM cards. Furthermore it is a certified card that complies with the standards of Korea Smart Card Co. ltd