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The Overall Package for ID Requirements

UBIVELOX’s high security identification cards have a long lasting proven record nationally. More and more governments and organizations are fast moving towards maximum security in relation to border crossings and access to restricted areas. Furthermore, it will become increasingly important to have individuals carrying their respective identification in a way that is secure, convenient and forgery-proof. For such documents, UBIVELOX’s identification product range covers all government and customer needs.

ID Chip OS & Applications

UBIVELOX ID Card offers native as well as open operating systems. It is available for contact-based, contactless and Dual-Interface solutions. UBIVELOX ID / Government Solution is a bundle of applications that you can use for the whole range of ID cards. Moreover, our multi-application support lets you combine any of the following uses.

Campus ID / Enterprise ID

Standards-based smart ID cards can be used to easily authenticate a person’s identity, determine the appropriate level of access, and physically admit the cardholder to a facility. More than one access application can be carried on a single smart ID card, enabling users to access physical and logical resources without carrying multiple credentials. Smart cards are used worldwide as campus IDs at colleges and universities, and enterprise IDs often combining access, identification and payment functions.


Smart card technology is currently recognized as the most appropriate technology for identity applications that must meet critical security requirements. Countries around the world use smart cards for secure identity, payment, and healthcare applications. UBIVELOX ID solutions can be used for official government ID, public, corporations employee ID, boarder control card, national ID, e-passport, private company ID, social secure ID, driver’s license and other ID cards based on various platform which is adapted for secure technology and a quick /accurate transaction.

Together with KOMSCO a leading and responsible anti-counterfeiting solution provider in South Korea. UBIVELOX provide latest ID card solutions based on business partnership.

KOMSCO is the sole corporation invested 100% by the Korean government to whom we supplied National ID Cards, e-Passports, Banknotes, Coins, etc. KOMSCO have developed ID Chip card OS and e-passport which were certified as CC EAL 5+.UBIVELOX is made in strategic collaboration with KOMSCO for international ID solution. Years of experience of UBIVELOX & KOMSCO provide professional advise.

UBIVELOX's strong competitiveness combined with KOMSCO's ID business technology provide the best solution which is optimized for the clients needs.

Fields of Application

National Identity Card
Immigration Card
Voter Registration Card

Driving License
Vehicle Registration

Social Insurance Card
Health Card

Student ID Card
Social Security Card