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Advanced Card Manufacturing

UBIVELOX smart card manufacturing facility uses the most technically advanced production equipment available today for smart card production and personalization. Special treatments such as optical variable printing, specialty inks and colors, laser engrave, and other attributes significantly enhance security. We deliver unique solutions to the card industry along with quick lead time and with reasonable minimums.

Our Extensive Range of Smart Card Products Includes
  • Contactless and dual interface EMV cards for high security applications with a variety of operating systems (Native, Java, MULTOS).
  • Contactless cards used in access control, transit, payment and hospitality markets, with the antenna coil and chip laminated into the card construction.
  • Capacity to produce over 50 million smart cards per year.
Applications of Smart Card

Smart cards are used in a wide range of industries worldwide to support access, identity, payment and other applications. Systems that are enhanced with smart cards can benefit from the added features and security that smart cards provide includes mobile communications, banking, retail, transportation, ID and etc.

Smart Card Manufacturing Equipment

The patented ASCM 3000 direct-solder technology drives the most reliable method for manufacturing dual-interface cards.

  • Latest and most reliable methods for dual Interface cards Direct soldering technology
  • Highest rate of Throughput (basic) Up to 3000 cards / hour compare to 1200 cards / hour of other technology
  • Capability & Compact system Automated module punching, soldering, implanting and testing in one compact machine
  • Compliant with all antenna technologies Independence from Antenna suppliers
  • RoHS Solder material and process is fully RoHS compliant

Innovative Card Designs

UBIVELOX Card relies on years of experience in the development of outstanding card designs in various fields of application.
UBIVELOX Card is your partner of choice in realizing a design with maximum security, quality card features, highly secure personalisation and restricted security elements

Alternative Card Material

The most frequently used material for plastic card production is PVC.
Thanks to its physical characteristics, it combines excellent applicability for card manufacturing and card usage.
Nevertheless, the limited mechanical endurance of PVC and ABS only leaves polycarbonates as the preferred raw material when considering the long validity periods of smart cards.
UBIVELOX Card is one of the few card manufacturers worldwide who has mastered the complex printing, lamination, and personalisation process of polycarbonate cards.

제품 정보 테이블
Division Printing Adhesive Ease of Chip embed Environment Economical
PVC very hige quality very hige quality very hige quality bad quality very hige quality
PET bad quality normal bad quality good quality bad quality
PC normal normal bad quality bad quality
ABS good quality normal normal very hige quality good quality
very hige qualityVery high quality good qualityGood quality normalNormal bad qualityBad
제품 정보 테이블
Division PVC
Printing very hige quality
Adhesive very hige quality
Ease of Chip embed very hige quality
Environment bad quality
Economical very hige quality
Division PET
Printing bad quality
Adhesive normal
Ease of Chip embed bad quality
Environment good quality
Economical bad quality
Division PC
Printing normal
Adhesive normal
Ease of Chip embed bad quality
Economical bad quality
Division ABS
Printing good quality
Adhesive normal
Ease of Chip embed normal
Environment very hige quality
Economical good quality
very hige qualityVery high quality good qualityGood quality normalNormal bad qualityBad